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Our Academics

Malei Tiny Hands' academics provides a foundation for lifelong learning for our children. Our curriculum focuses on exposing the children to learning possibilities. Exploration, free and creative play, in our theme-based curriculum will all help to develop the desire to learn, thus insuring a positive and loving experience for the child.
  • Beginners will be introduction with basic

  • Advance Learners will start off with intermediate sight words with phonics

  • 2 complete sentences with phonics; adding 2 more sentences every month into a paragraph

  • Then will have books that needs to be read every night with phonics pronunciation

  • Astrology

  • Small chemistry (chemical chart)

  • Earth Atmosphere what is it all about?

  • Beginners will begin with imitation of lines and circles

  • Advanced will be issued tracing practice worksheets everyday and then will be given free style writing on line paper

  • Very Advance Learners will be practicing writing full sentences

  • Creativity Through Learning

  • Creative Art Activities

  • Painting, Coloring and more

  • Beginners will start on how to count on hands

  • Advance Learners will start addition from 0 - 10; then add subtraction from 0-10 in (combination will apply)

Physical Education
  • Teach the importance of physical activity 

  • Getting the kids moving

  • Playground time

Malei Tiny Hands Logo.jpg
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